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Tianjin Eco-City energy information platform water supply technology consulting service project

Tianjin Eco-City water distribution is not balanced, the monitoring points of the water supply system are lack of unified planning, water supply leakage, poor network interoperability, low emergency water supply security under accident conditions, and insufficient information management level of network and facilities operation and maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to standardize the water supply system and information management platform.  Based on the investigation of the current situation of water supply perception system and energy information platform in Tianjin eco-city, the evaluation of the leakage status of water supply network operation and the degree of water supply informatization. The project plans the implementation route of water supply monitoring points, builds a water supply perception system based on water supply network classification and zone metering management, and formulates the information management and maintenance plan of water supply system, so as to provide a basis for improving the fine management level of pipe network, reducing the leakage rate of pipe network and improving the security capability of water supply.

Tianjin eco-city water supply network flow monitoring point scheme.

Tianjin eco-city water supply network pressure monitoring point scheme