Ewaters is a leading water management company operating in both New Zealand and China. We offer a comprehensive range of services to tackle complex water challenges across the entire water cycle. Combining extensive local knowledge with cutting-edge international expertise, we deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for:

  • Sponge City Development

We specialize in planning, design, and construction of sustainable urban drainage systems.

  • Integrated Water Resource Management

From strategy development to implementation, we ensure efficient and long-term water resource utilization.

  • Urban Drainage and Stormwater Management

Our team applies advanced technologies and in-depth knowledge to create customized solutions for effective drainage systems.

  • Watershed Flood Control

We utilize advanced simulation technology to identify flood risks and develop sustainable mitigation strategies.

  • Water Supply Network Optimization

We leverage advanced modeling techniques to optimize water supply infrastructure operation, maintenance, and management.

  • Water Quality and Safety

We offer comprehensive water quality monitoring and risk assessment services to ensure the safety of water supply systems.

Our Approach

  • Multi-disciplinary Team:

Our team comprises highly qualified professionals with diverse expertise in water engineering, environmental sciences, and wastewater treatment.

  • Advanced Technologies:

We employ state-of-the-art solutions in computer modeling, asset management, data analysis, and system optimization.

  • Proven Track Record:

Ewaters boasts a successful history of delivering impactful water management projects in China, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

  • Strong Partnerships:

We collaborate with leading research institutions, government agencies, and private consultants to ensure comprehensive project delivery.

Key Achievements:

  • Successfully delivered high-quality Urban Stormwater Master Plans for major cities in China.
  • Contributed to the development of national water management guidelines in China.
  • Partnered with international research organizations and developed innovative solutions for urban water challenges.

Benefits of Working with Ewaters
  • Sustainable Solutions: We are committed to developing and implementing solutions that promote environmental responsibility and resource conservation.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Our expertise helps clients optimize their water infrastructure and reduce operating costs.
  • Improved Efficiency: We leverage advanced technologies to enhance water management efficiency and minimize water losses.
  • Enhanced Resilience: Our solutions contribute to building resilient communities by mitigating flood risks and ensuring water security.