Ewaters is based in Shanghai with extensive local, as well as international experiences in the planning, design, and construction of Sponge Cities and integrated water resources engineering management services. With a wealth of multi-disciplinary international experience, strict service standards and innovative technology, our team has enjoyed successful completion of many water resources management projects.  Our team has accumulated outstanding skills in developing application-based wastewater and stormwater management systems, with an in-depth understanding of the fundamental issues. We attribute much of our strength to the successful partnerships we have formed with government, research institutions, not for profit consultancies and private consultants.

Project achievements

Our world-class professionals and leading international information and modelling technologies were crucial in successfully delivering high quality Urban Stormwater Master Plans for major cities in China, such as Chong Qing, Cheng Du, and several eco-drainage planning and design projects in Zhen Jiang City. Ewaters’ planning and design outputs are well accepted by the clients and already implemented or are being implemented. Good examples are the design of the large scale multi-functional stormwater treatment and the ecological park for Zhenjiang Dagang New District (constructed), and the Stormwater augmentation and harvesting system design of the Chongqing National Exhibition Centre (under construction). Ewaters’ involvements significantly contributed to the success of Chong Qing City and Zhen Jiang City in winning the first batch of the 16 national Sponge City pilots.

International Expertise

Ewaters has been appointed as the Deltares China business partner since 2013, and is also well connected to other world leading research organizations. Ewaters was closely involved in the development of the 2013 National Urban Drainage Water-logging Planning Guidelines, and the ongoing development of China Sustainable Urban Drainage Design Guideline under the Sponge City Concept, jointly with the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design (CAUPD) and Australian Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Water Sensitive Urban Design.

Our valuable overseas expertise, well established local knowledge and project track records, have enabled Ewaters to tackle various challenging urban water issues efficiently and earned a good reputation.