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Optimisation of Water Resources Allocation in Coastal Areas of Jiangsu Province

The project was the development of a holistic water resources model, based on available GIS data, to meet short-term and long-term water diversions and comprehensive watershed targets. The model considered various water demands such as domestic, municipal, industrial and irrigation as well as flood control, water and soil conservation and ecological demands.  The project resulted in a living geospatial tool with the ability to manage and optimise water allocation among different departments and different water users.

Generalization of water resources model network in northern Jiangsu province.

Main tasks:
- Application of Dutch River Basin Planning and Management (RIBASIM) software to construct water resources supply and demand balance models for region of Huaihe and regions along Yangtse River in Jiangsu province;
- Assessment of current situation of water resources, identification of water shortage status, and analysis for the determination of water shortages;
- Construction of water resource supply and demand balance model for the region of Huaihe and regions along Yangtse River;
- Completion of management plans for water resource supply and demand balance analysis, water resources allocation in coastal areas, and the preparation of comprehensive water security of supply measures for water resource supply.