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Overall consulting for urban low-impact development in Totara, New Zealand

The Totara Basin belongs to the Auckland West New Development Area. Cooperating with urban development and construction, Ewaters provided Auckland government with life-cycle water-sensitive urban development consulting.

Tasks included:
- Low Impact Development (LID) Strategy study (2007). In order to evaluate the science of LID guidelines, this watershed served as a demonstration study in 2007, providing appropriate economic demonstration of LID facility scale effect and policy specification consultation for the regional government at that time.
- Optimization of low-impact development engineering system (2009). Entrusted by the municipal government, under the premise of meeting the required control indicators, the model was used to optimize the framework of the LID backbone engineering system that the government needs to implement, saving the cost of urban development infrastructure, and clarifying the main project and land. Block construction control requirements.
- The main LID engineering design and construction drawing review (2010-2012) was commissioned by the municipal government to use the overall model to evaluate the design plan and effects, put forward optimization and improvement suggestions, and conduct overall quality control.