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National Sponge City Pilot Project - Chongqing Yuelai Eco - City Development Area
Author:Ewaters PublishDate:2020-05-28

Provide technical strategic support for the implementation of the Chongqing Yue Lai New District Sponge City including the planning and design stage. The plan was formulated with consideration of the local water environment and water resources demand, stormwater management division and runoff control targets, rainfall and flood risk analysis.  Major backbone projects including ecological conservation of water resources, flood safety, rainwater source control, traditional drainage system renovation, transformation of ancient town, and network capacity building.

Artist’s impression of storm-water retention pond

Elevation Map of Yuelai Eco - City

Main tasks:
- overall strategic technical support to the client in managing various design works carried out by other parties
- develop a stormwater system computer model to review and improve the previous planning, provide suggestions in optimising the major engineering works and stormwater management strategies
- study on the baseline hydrological and environmental characteristics, derive practical sponge city development annual runoff capture volume rate, which is very critical in affecting engineering scales, capital investment and the expected benefits to achieved.
- design of the stormwater source control and harvesting system for the National Exhibition Centre, as the pilot within Yuelai City
- design of the stormwater system and source control Low Impact Development (LID) for the Exhibition Centre Phase II