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Water system construction and upgrading plan of Sino-Singapore cooperation zone in Tianjin Eco-City

There are many choices of replenishment water sources around the Jing lake system in the Sino-new cooperation zone of Tianjin Eco-City, and the water circulation facilities are fully constructed. However, there are many problems such as poor surface water environment, low pollution capacity of receiving water, limited utilization of river water bodies, and large demand for non-traditional water resources.

Water Quality Index-Assessment of COD Change

Typical working conditions-Hydrodynamic simulation results and evaluation

By constructing a mathematical model of water environment coupled with water quantity and water quality, the evolution process of water quantity and water quality of Jing lake in different operating conditions is simulated under the short-term and long-term planning schemes. Through the analysis of evaluation, put forward the measures to improve the water quality of Jing lake and to ensure flood prevention and safety of water supply and water cycle engineering.